"Utilizing the Power of the Written and Spoken Word."


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Mainstream Support

One of the definitions of the word "win" is to achieve by effort or ability.  As an inspirational speaker, Marion's encourages her audiences to win despite the challenges that life may present.  She stresses, "Parents must put forth the effort in order to produce the ability to positively impact the lives of their children with autism or other special needs."    

Inspired by her own journey of winning with challenges, Marion developed and facilitates two workshops, Autism: A Language Worth Knowing and The Making of an Advocate. These programs have empowered parents and individuals who interact with those challenged with autism and other special needs. Her programs also benefit grandparents, siblings, caregivers, administrators, educators, and health professionals. The following comments are from attendees:

I was very impressed with your presentation.  You touched my heart with your journey. I found myself wiping tears off my cheek several times. God bless you as you touch others. Teresa Smith

I am very pleased to have been a part of this workshop.  I knew that the views and information shared by a parent would be enlightening, very!  
L. Wiggins Gormon School, Para-Educator, Dayton Public Schools

It is easy to forget how emotionally  challenging it is to be the parent of a challenged child.  Marion is very good at sharing the experience of that emotion and turning that energy into action. Thank you, Marion.  Alan Tway

Email Marion:  Marion@marionwitcher.com

Faith-based Support

Founder, New Hope for Special Needs
This mission was founded in 1999 to provide prayer and faith-based special needs support on behalf of individuals with special needs. Future plans include implementing a periodical fellowship for persons with disabilities and residential housing for several adult women with intellectual disabilities.   

Founder, His Ability Over Disability
His Ability Over Disability exists to increase disability awareness and provide a platform for persons with disabilities and/or their caregivers to celebrate the ability of Christ in their lives. This celebratory event is approaching its 7th year.  

Autism Prayer Call
Provide prayer on behalf of individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  

Upcoming Book
Special Prayers for Special Needs (Coming soon.)       

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