Marion Shares Experience Speaking to Those with Developmental Disabilities at the former Montgomery County Agape Program

The first time, I got up to speak, I looked around the room and noticed someone who was staring at their hands.  There was also someone who seemed to be talking to their fingers.  I heard quirky sounds that I could not comprehend.

On another occasion, when I came in to minister, I noticed that a young lady was walking slowly from one side of the room to the other.  Wherever she was going, she was determined that she would get there.  As drool dripped slowly from her lips, she continued to move forward with a gaited walk due to her condition.  Despite her handicap, she was feisty with an independent vibe.  

Unexpectantly, she started walking toward where I was seated with her arms open.  Then she gave me a big hug and said, “Thank you for coming here. I love you!”

Her drool was absorbed into my top as I hugged her and told her that I loved her, too.  

Many people miss opportunities for ministry because they don’t think that the intellectually challenged can connect to God.  They are overwhelmed by what they see and what they hear.

I truly believe that the faith community would be more welcoming to people with intellectual disabilities if everyone believed that God’s word although spoken on earth..... is not the language of this earth, but it is the language of heaven.  God’s language transcends what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears.    

​​Marion Witcher  is the founder of the His Ability Outreach (formerly known as New Hope for Special Needs (since 1998).  Through this resource, prayer, supports, and activities are provided for those affected by autism and other special needs.

Additionally, for more than a decade, Marion and her husband, Vee directed a special needs ministry and Special Olympics team at an inner-city church in Dayton Ohio.  She is founder of His Ability Over Disability, a program that magnifies the ability of Jesus Christ in the lives of those impacted by disabilities. The program is approaching its 14th year.

Marion’s evangelistic background includes ministering to clients with autism and intellectual disabilities in the Montgomery County (Ohio) former Agape ministry program. For a year, she facilitated Second Sunday church, where she and her husband, ministered to a small group of parents and caregivers of youth and adults affected by disabilities.   

Marion is founder of The Making of an Advocate and Autism: A Language Worth Knowing.  These interactive workshops motivate parents in their roles as advocates and caregivers.  The program was also attended college students, educators and other professionals.

Marion’s studies include the Theology of Suffering, Disability, and the Church (Dallas Theological Seminary). She is a graduate of the American School of Radio and Television Broadcasting and Columbus Paraprofessional Institute.    

Writing Credits:  Sowing My Tears, Reaping His Joy: A Mother's Journey from Devastation to Celebration.  Upcoming works include a book of special prayers for special needs.   She is a former staff writer for Purpose Magazine and a former Certified professional resume writer of a resume firm.  She is the writer of the internationally published, The Resume of Jesus Christ.

​Marion and her husband, Vee have two adult children.  Their firstborn is challenged with autism and epilepsy.  They enjoy spending time with family and their grandchildren.